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The 13th Assassin

A cosy murder mystery set at the English seaside combines with a tense and dramatic  spy thriller sweeping from the university spires of Cambridge to the heart of the Kremlin.

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When The Mist Clears

A contemporary story of courage, camaraderie and love in the shadow of adversity.

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Living on the Deadline

Breathing new life into the stories behind the iconic sporting moments of the last 40 years. Frank charts his own eventful career through the fascinating world of sports journalism as he recalls some of the greatest moments in recent sporting history

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Simply The Best

Discover the inside story of a Wigan team which defined an era of Rugby League, winning 8 Challenge Cups and 43 consecutive cup matches in the process. "Simply The Best" reveals the secrets and the personalities behind the glory, illustrated by countless entertaining and previously untold insights from the likes of Martin Offiah, Shaun Edwards, Jason Robinson, Andy Farrell and many more. 

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The year is 1993. Manchester United have waited 26 years for league glory and the Premier League is in its infancy. Cue the title which would propel United and Alex Ferguson to domestic dominance. The inside story and contemporary analysis of the beginnings of a footballing dynasty.

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